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Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Career and Volunteer Opportunities – We Need A Few Good Friends

Employment: Do you enjoy being around people? Have you had retail experience and miss it? Are you just plain “handy”? The Thrift Store can put your talents and hobbies to use! Browse our current available thrift store jobs and apply today.

Current Available Positions:

Do you love shopping, thrifting, or refurbishing?

The Thrift Store may be a great place for you to volunteer your time and help support a local youth community. There are great staff, great perks, and great finds.

Thrift Store Discount:
  • All Club for Boys and Thrift Store employees and active volunteers are eligible for a 20% discount on Thrift Store purchases. (Active = 15+ hours a month)
    • The 20% off employee/volunteer discount is not transferrable to family members or friends, and employees/volunteers are not allowed to use their discount on behalf of anyone else. For instance, you can’t go shopping with your 5 cousins and aunt and use your discount for everyone’s purchases at checkout.
    • The 20% discount may not be used in conjunction with the monthly storewide 50% sale, senior citizen discount, military discount, or any special promotion.
    • Staff and volunteers are required to show their name badge.

Interested in becoming an Employee or a Volunteer
at The Thrift Store?

Please click the link below to download our application. You may drop it off your completed application at the Thirft Store at 960 Cambell St, Rapid City, or email your application at

Take Advantage of Thrift Store Discounts
for Your Involvment!

All Club for Boys and Thrift Store employees and active volunteers are eligible for a 20% discount on Thrift Store purchases. (Active = 20+ hours a month)
If you have questions about this benefit, please email us at

Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer Banquet
All volunteers who log time during the past year are invited to our annual Volunteer Banquet. On this evening, we serve our volunteers and certificates are awarded.
President’s Volunteer Service Award
The President’s Volunteer Service award is issued by the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation on behalf of the President of the United States to recognize the best in American Spirit, and to encourage all Americans to improve their communities through volunteer service and civic participation.
All award recipients receive a personalized certificate of achievement, a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States, a congratulatory letter from the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, and an official President’s Award pin.
The Club For Boys Volunteer Awards (Not sure what this Award is called for # of Hours Served ???)
To earn an award, individuals, families, and groups must keep a record of volunteer activities and hours served. The Certifying Organization will review and verify the hours and distribute the award.


(14 & Under)

Gold: 100+ Hours
Silver: 75-99 Hours
Bronze: 50-74 Hours



Gold: 250+ Hours
Silver: 175-249 Hours
Bronze: 50-174 Hours


(26 & Up)

Gold: 500+ Hours
Silver: 250-499 Hours
Bronze: 100-249 Hours


Gold: 1,000+ Hours
Silver: 500-999 Hours
Bronze: 200-499 Hours

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